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Add the latest blogs to your Blogger blog
Uncategorized - March 8th, 2008

Want to see the lastest blogs appear on the sidebar of your blog?

You and your readers will have instant access to the very latest Korea related English language blogs, direct from your blog.

Here’s how. It’s VERY simple.

1. Log into and find the the “Layout” tab.

2. Click “Add a Page Element”.

3. Look for “Feed” with the description “Add content from an RSS or Atom feed to your blog.” and click “Add To Blog”.

4. For the “Feed URL”, enter the following URL and click “Continue”:
This will show all the latest blogs and site news. If you want to show blogs from a single category only (eg Foreigners In Korea), choose the appropriate URL from the list below.

5. Change the number of items to show, whether to show dates, etc if you want - but the default is OK.

6. Click “Save Changes”.

7. Now click “Save” at the top of the “Edit Layout” page.

8. That’s it! View your blog and you’ll see the latest from The Korean Blog List. Cool, huh?

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